Storybook Viewing Tips

1. View the online preview in Flash Player
Most browsers have Flash Player already installed. If you need to install Flash Player, click here.

2. Using the "Helper"
Stagestruck Storybooks and Previews have a built in "Helper" mechanism for young viewers. If a child gets "stuck" and is unable to continue, after approximately 12 seconds, the instructions are repeated, and the correct response is circled on the screen. This may also be manually activated by the "Helper" button in the bottom right corner of the page.

3. Repeating the narration
Simply click the "Storyteller" button that is located in the bottom right corner of each page.

4. The narration is not audible. How can I turn it on?

Your computer's sound may be turned off. Check your control panel and system's speakers to make sure all is turned on and functioning properly.

5. Use the PAGE MENU to view a page out of sequence.
Clicking on "PAGE MENU" in the bottom left corner of the page opens the list of pages. Clicking "PAGE MENU "again, closes the list.

6. About "Dress Rehearsal"
This feature was originally designed to be used to "warmup" the online Flash Player Preview for a dial-up connection. It auto downloads the Preview's files to your browser's cache in order to speed up delivery through a 56 kps modem.

Depending on your browser settings, this process would keep the delivery swift for a time, and you could go immediately to "Curtain" for future viewings.

If your browser's preferences were set to empty it's cache, it will disable this feature. These settings could be changed in browser's preferences.

So far I've left this link intact, but in our age of high speed connections this feature serves little purpose and should be skipped.

One Apple Storybook Revisited.

The One Apple interactive storybook was launched 10 years ago in 2004. I've reposted the online preview and am exploring the possibility of remastering the entire book.

Wearing one hat is hard. I started out as an educator teaching developmentally challenged adults vocational skills. After my daughter was born and went to school, I went back to school and became a graphic designer and began exploring online animation as well as working in the corporate world.

Now, I've changed hats again. I became interested in jewelry making and am designing and constructing my own line in my own studio. However, I did not want my previous work in illustration and animation to become lost.

While the original One Apple storybook is intact, Some of the toolbar links were outdated or obsolete so please keep that in mind. They've been relinked for easy navigation but some descriptions may be off since they were hardwired into the animation.

Preview the One Apple Storybook

One Apple may be played online using flash player.

Contemporary. Romantic.

Ann Rodgers Brown